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Five West Media Group


About Us: The Story So Far

For 5 West Media Group, our passion has always been to promote clients, brands and musicians in the best possible way – especially when it comes to social media marketing, digital marketing and graphic design.
In short: we love seeing our clients succeed and thrive! We work hard for our clients’ success every day, ensuring each month to month contract is successful.
Started in 2014, 5 West Media Group’s vision from the start was clear: bring the latest trends in social media and design together with our creativity. We have had the pleasure of working with clients in various niches, including real estate, homecare, education, lifestyle and more. Also, we’ve had the opportunity to work with clients in the music industry, such as Restless Heart Band, Billy Dean, Tim Rushlow, The Frontmen, and Larry Stewart.
So, what makes 5 West Media Group tick, you might be asking?

At The Heart Of What We Do Are Our Key Goals:

More Exposure

Getting your business the exposure it needs to thrive.

Easy Access to Expert

Giving you access to an expert team geared toward achieving your goals.


Helping every client increase sales and grow their business.

Brand Recognition

Boost brand recognition and loyalty.


Provide solutions that will save time and allow our clients to focus on their businesses.
We cannot wait to collaboarate, so let’s get together and discuss how we can truly unleash marketing excellence for your business!